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Rhythmic concerts with multiple percussion.

Suitable for all ages.

Order a unique concert designed personally for your event.

You are welcome to order a single concert, or a series of concerts and lectures.

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Noya Schleien Solo Concert

The Noya Schleien Show

A spectacular show with Marimba, Drums and lots of Percussion!

Featuring music from all over the world, from Bach to Piazzolla.

During the show, Schleien combines tap dancing and hosts other musicians - on flute, cello, another percussionist, and even a dancer!

A unique concert designed personally for your event.

Kelim Shluvim (Communicating Vessels)

A unique all female ensemble of Flute, Cello and Marimba & Percussion.

Exposing the differences between the Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion.

Collaborating to create beautiful music together.

Michal Berkovich Reznik - Flute

Yoni Etzion - Cello

Noya Schleien - Marimba & Percussion

Noya Schleien Kelim Shluvim
Noya Schleien Drum's House

Drum's House

" Drum's house is very unique,

It's not like any other house you meet.

Not like a house in the country, nor like one in the city,

Not like a house of a child or of an adult who's sixty.

...Drum wants you and his family to meet,

But there is so much noise that he has to defeat,

He starts beating over and over again the same beat,

Now everyone hears him, thanks to repeat. "

Noya Schleien presents an amazing percussion show based on the book she wrote, Drum's House, with original music.

Suitable for children ages 4-8.

The show "Drum's House" was highly praised and received a commendation by the committee of the Israel's National Culture Program.

The little Beat Beat

" Little Beat Beat comes from a faraway country,

where they speak kind of funky,

you might even think it's funny a bit,

but the Rhythm language is cool, you have to admit ! "

A magical fairy tale, written in rhymes, about a girl who comes from a world that is all about rhythm.

The little Beat Beat does not understand Hebrew and nobody understands her. Throughout the concert, she meets new friends, who turn her journey into an adventure.

Through the diverse pieces, the children will get acquainted with the Percussion family and learn the influence of rhythm on music.

With famous works such as The Bumble Bee by Rhymski Korsakov, Carmen by Bizet, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Eine Kline Nacht Music by Mozart, Bolero by Ravel, etc.

Active participation of the audience during the show.

With a Chamber Orchestra.   

Noya Schleien The little Beat Beat
Noya Schleien With Drums & Dancing

With Drums & Dancing

A concert for children which is a celebration !
Throughout the concert Schleien demonstrates how music fits into the world of dance and how dance fits into the world of music.
With a Chamber Orchestra
Repertoire – Brahms\ Hungarian Dance, Saint-Saëns\ Le carnaval des animaux, Debussy\ Petite Suite, Scott Joplin\ Ragtime, collection of children's songs and more.
Active participation of the audience during the show.

The Magic Drum

A musical play, written in rhymes, about a drum who likes to do magic. But his magic sometimes goes wrong, creating funny situations.
The show combines children's songs as well as well-known classical orchestral pieces.
With a Symphony Orchestra.

Noya Schleien The Magic Drum
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