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Fascinating lectures.
You are welcome to order a single lecture or a whole series.

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Noya Schleien Life's Rhythm

Life's Rhythm

Rhythm has such a huge impact on music. What kind of impact does it have on our lives?
Our health, relationships, diet, learning abilities, communication and business, all influenced by rhythm.
Once we realize the huge impact rhythm has on our lives, we can use it for our benefit.
A riveting lecture intertwined with musical demonstrations.
Available as a single lecture or as a series of lectures.

Arts & Business

Even the most talented artist has to spend a lot of time doing business.
Most artists try to avoid this, which causes them to lose opportunities, growth and money.  
This lecture reveals classic business models, focusing on economics, strategy, and marketing, with the adaptation needed for the art world.
Possible as a onetime lecture, just to get the taste of things, or as an in-depth course.

Noya Schleien Arts and Business
Noya Schleien Percussion


A fascinating lecture on Percussion Instruments.
Delivered by the international percussionist Noya Schleien, who combines musical pieces in her lecture.

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